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Neither her Vogue nor W issues overlap with this so it's not like there was a contractual obligation to stay away from the cover. So happy that Lupita finally made the front cover after being on the fold out the past two times. I would love to have seen something like that as a solo shot for Harper's or such. I'm with everyone else on the Lupita thing and it does seem slightly confusing that she's even on the cover at all? And Viola but I really hope she's on US Vogue March. She is not even part of the Award buzz this season! And the styling is just awful, these are such a unappealing dresses!

I think overall it's a really nice group shot with a few new faces! I wonder where Viola will show up on the magazines? But then I sort of feel the same about Dakota Fanning. And besides she had her moment, why not let someone else get theirs! Just seen the HQ cover and after the text: "Most Exciting Actresses" it says; NONE OVERRATED!!! Oh and i just realized there is no Naomie Harris here either, what a joke!

She gets a little chilly swimming around, but soon feels a soothing warmness.

That's the cue for Sarah to wake up and realize she pissed the bed.

Jego kuzynka, Savelina Fanene była też zapaśniczką pracującą dla WWE.

Przez krótki czas mieszkał z rodziną matki w dzielnicy Grey Lynn w Auckland City w Nowej Zelandii.

The way that gays are stereotyped, your image is stereotyped, which is: This guy could very easily be a raging homophobe.

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host Trevor Noah used his Twitter account to respond to a story about actor Scott Baio joining the #Boycott Nordstrom campaign protesting the department-store chain dropping Ivanka Trump's fashion line, with the joke "That (expletive) for Nordstrom.

- After some previous covers featuring only white actresses, it's nice to see 4 women of color featured here.

There are four general axioms for The Sarah Silverman Program here at TV Club: 1) The SSP's B-stories are typically funnier than the A-stories.

When I got the email for Round 2, for whatever reason in my head I just knew I would make it on the show.

I had been coming to the city for modeling for four or five months beforehand and something kept telling me not to the move to the city yet …

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