Venezuelan dating

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), is a federal republic located on the northern coast of South America.It is bordered by Colombia on the west, Brazil on the south, Guyana on the east, and the islands of Trinidad and Tobago to the north-east.

President Nicolas Maduro said in an address to troops Saturday that he had managed to break up a U. Like his predecessor, the late Hugo Chavez, Maduro frequently accuses the U. of trying to topple Venezuela's socialist administration.

Venezuela covers 916,445 km with habitats ranging from the Andes Mountains in the west to the Amazon Basin rain-forest in the south, via extensive llanos plains and Caribbean coast in the center and the Orinoco River Delta in the east.

The territory now known as Venezuela was colonized by Spain in 1522 amid resistance from indigenous peoples.

The socialist leader says the crisis is a US-backed conspiracy.

On Thursday, he slammed the Organization of American States, which met last week to advance a plan to deal with Venezuela's political instability, but failed to reach an agreement."The OAS will never again set foot in Venezuela," Maduro said during a briefing with foreign reporters.

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