Validating php

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Your Outlook add-in can send you an identity token, but before you trust the request you must validate the token to ensure that it came from the Exchange server that you expect.

The example in this article uses PHP to validate the identity token; however, you can use any programming language to do the validation.

These are the basic things that I hope/assume you're already doing.

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In this part of the series, we are going to examine the different ways to escape HTML characters in PHP in order to add security to your web project.Validating web forms is a critical skill for any web developer, ensuring that the data that's submitted is complete, accurate, and nonmalicious before it's sent off to the server.Join author Ray Villalobos in this course as he shows how to validate input from site visitors with HTML5, Java Script, and j Query and then process the data with PHP.The steps required to validate the token are described in the JSON Web Token (JWT) Internet Draft.We suggest that you use a four-step process to validate the identity token and obtain the user's unique identifier: Overall the process may seem complex, but each individual step is quite simple.

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