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Extension focuses on meeting educational needs for career advancement, career changes, teacher training, custom programs and the cultural interests of students.

Meeting the academic standards of UC Riverside, Extension's programs serve the broadest possible constituencies, from youth and college students to professionals and others in Inland Empire, state and from around the world, through educational programs of the highest quality that utilize innovative course formats that work for today's learners.

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UNEX also provides academic, cultural, and residential programs for approximately 4,000 visiting international students from more than 40 countries each year. The Dean is responsible for the strategic and financial planning of a self-supporting budget, leadership and human resource management of 165 FTE academic and staff personnel, as well as over 800 part-time instructors.

The Dean manages a 123,000 square foot facility that accommodates classrooms, staff offices, computer labs, a business center, conference-and-special-events facilities, a 47-room guest residence center, and dining services.

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