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I drove across town to David and Anne's house thinking I'm not sure what? When I got near the Tip Top club I thought, "Really?" I hesitated and missed the turn then doubled back, okay I did want to see what those derby girls were up to there. They were leaving because there was no alcohol served or maybe they were just ready to go on to the bigger after-party at the popular dive bar The Shanty.Carmen invited me on to The Shanty and I thought hmmm, maybe, but I had already had a fun time with the hot chick who had gone to Roller Derby with me and it was time to drive that sometimes long-seeming hour home.Since the antenna had come off in the car wash earlier I listened to Brazilian music and books on CD and was happy, though groggy and bed-heady, to wake up in my bed this morning.Elm City Derby Damez joined us, too; we love bonding with neighboring teams.We’re at Lee Clement Arena at New England College for the summer, which means our juniors join us for warm-ups and practice on their own track.Welcome, welcome, dear fans and lovers of Roller Derby, we have something very special planned for you and we need all the Derby Love we can get from you!As you might have noticed, Austria is sending a team to the World Cup for the very first time in Manchester next year and we’re already planning everything and raising funds to able to get there!! This time we have come up with a very Austrian – na no na – theme.

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This week we were joined by Wild Rumpus and Haz of Twin State Derby, who shared their amazing skating and coaching skills to amp up our blocking and jamming.

As I got out of the car four women bounced out of the club jabbering nonstop. They were talking about the strippers' tits, their tits, and all the tits that got near them during their lap dances.

One went off to pee in the bushes and a couple more were puffing on a pipe in the parking lot.

Everyone has a different reason for joining roller derby.

You are welcome to join the Coastal Assassins whether you have minimal skating experience, don’t understand the game or if you can zoom around the track like an ex speed skater.

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