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There so many elements that may change the effectiveness of techniques, such as delivery, timing, location, the woman’s personal background, previous interaction, etc., so t he important thing is to pick out the right trick and know how to adapt it to suit your particular needs right at the particular moment based on your understanding of female nature, which is whole point of Dating Voyance.

But in a less social environment, a normal greeting such as “Hi” or “How are you” will take away the tension and make her that she has entered into a social interaction (before you say to her more “abnormal” stuff).

If you have to ask repeatedly for romantic gestures or to be included, this is what you sign up for down the road.

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Based on my experience with students, there are the 4 major sticking points that most men have: The mistake most men make is to conform to “normal” ways of starting a conversation, which is easy to be seen as “average” and “nothing special”. She will say “hi” back to you and then you can deliver that line.

If you find a woman is looking at you (even just a second), don’t move your eyes away (which is what most guys do – you gotta fight the urge to break contact) and say immediately the following line (otherwise she’d break eye contact in most cases): Some experts may tell you “Hi” or “How are you doing” is boring – but it depends.

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