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I have always found this to be among the funniest lines in the book, since Said goes to extraordinary trouble to refute Disraeli's contention, while every part of his life embodied it.Qu(diti/ and rc.w Us achieved arc the primarji con.sidcnitioii.f: permanence of staff and facilities assure prompt and economical deli\ery on important assignments. Films \vc)rtliy of thousand-fold ])rint orders for a single title are beeiiming eommnii-plaee as po])ul;itions grow, industrii-s c-xpand and iii Urnational burdcrs iliiniiiish iti time and space. Many other useful features appear in this 11th Re\iew issue: facts about organi/.titions: national and international award ])rograiiis ;ind audio-\isiial i)rogranis in the Federal (Jovernnient. New York 22 / Prudential Plaza, Chicago 1 210 Grant Street, Pittsburgh 19 / 612 S. Detroit 36 ^'^ 83736 eirer think .somebody, somewhere is solving your problems? The 3.50 producers in the T^nited States, Canada and from 18 lands abroad who sup])lied (htnilcd rcfci Tiwci on their i)eople, facilities and their clientele include the most-experienced and best-equipped firms in this business. Entire contents copyrighted 1961 by Business Screen Magazines, Inc. Modern Talking Picture Ser SALES OFFICES 3 East 54th Street. It is sitiiii Hcant to the buyer that the most- honored motion pictures (and the most rcsultfid) that have l)een created to help inform, to train and to g'uide millions in industry, in medicine, public education, science and for the national defense, were produced by companies listed in these pafjes. Entered as second class matter May 2, 1946, at the post office at Chicago, Illinois, under Act of March 3, 1S79.

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