Gemini and leos dating

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Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below) Both of you are strong-willed and stubborn, and once you dedicate yourselves (to a person or a project), you will stay with it in good times and bad.Longevity, stability, and loyalty characterize your relationship.

Buzzle tells you more about Leo and Gemini compatibility.

The Leo can be dominating and moody, and the Gemini stable and in equilibrium.

The fundamental element that makes these zodiac signs compatible is that both these signs balance the negatives and positives perfectly.

This depends more on the Zodiac signs of the two persons in the relationship than the signs of their fathers, which are not considered here: Their fathers don’t take each other very seriously, but they do their best to make the relation of their children pleasant.

When looking at how compatible Zodiac signs are in relationships, it makes no difference what gender they are.

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