Ellen degeneres and portia de rossi start dating

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Sure Jason was smart enough to snap some photos of a drunken, passed out Bethenny – just in case he ever needed them.But even more embarrassing is the way that she ran her mouth about those who worked closely with her on various projects.

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When out in nature, it’s important to have a pretty good knowledge of your surroundings, and the creatures you might encounter in that environment.

What followed was a media circus leading up to the most-watched episode of her series: an estimated 42 million people tuned in to see Ellen's character also come out of the closet. The show's ratings started to crash, and a year later it was canceled.

In September 2003, Ellen came back to television as host of The Ellen De Generes Show, now in its seventh season. But right before I decided to come out, I went on a spiritual retreat called "Changing the Inner Dialogue of Your Subconscious Mind." I'd never been to anything like it before, and all my friends were taking bets on how long I'd last with no TV, no radio, no phone.

I don't have to, I don't need to, I just shut down the emotional life.'' and she "had to hide her sexuality.""I felt very scrutinized for just being a woman and an actress playing this kind of sexy role, because I didn't really feel like that.

It's not really my personality to want to be the sexiest girl in the room," de Rossi said."I didn't like people thinking of me as a sexual being, and I was just terrified that people would know that I was gay."De Rossi said she didn't date at all at the time while she was hiding her sexuality, and had a plan to start dating once she had saved enough money to live a more private life.

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