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While it may occur on any surface (horizontal, inclined or vertical), the cupule must have been produced by a number of percussion-blows.

Thus, providing the state of its surface has not been over eroded by the effects of weather, its rock structure should display some microscopic signs of percussion, such as crushed particles, and surface bruising.

The Carnival is a massive four day celebration that precedes the “Cuaresma” – the 40 days from Ash Wednesday until Easter that are observed as a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter.

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The truth is, I look up the Emmanuelle a lot and missed working on a site for her.Bednarik, in an attempt to provide a consistent name for a phenomenom which hitherto had been called "pits", "hollows", "cups", "cupels", "cup stones", "pitmarks", "cup marks" - even "pot-holes".Much of the information about cupules contained in this article is gratefully derived from Bednarik's cogent analysis of the existing manifestations of this extraordinary art form.2.2- Estoy de acuerdo en ver este tipo de material para adultos y no utilizarlo con fines comerciales.3- Declaro que la visualización de material e imágenes para adultos no está prohibido ni infrinje ninguna ley en la comunidad donde resido, ni de mi proveedor de servicios o el local desde donde accedo.

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