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In both the Libor-rigging scandal and the unfolding foreign exchange-fixing investigations, traders' use of chat rooms to exchange gossip, insults and market-moving tidbits seems to have played a key role.

”The image, inserted into a discussion about the Hulk Hogan sex video that Gawker had published, was part of a long-running joke between editors and reporters.

Cook couldn’t have imagined at the time that three years later, he would have to explain and defend it to a court of law after Hogan filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

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In a videotaped deposition shown in a Florida courtroom, a lawyer asked Cook, “Was it common at Gawker to share pictures of penises with colleagues?

All chatrooms (and all of Moviestarplanet) are programmed with "safe chat" which can be restrictive when wanting to express something even when not breaking the rules.

Certain phrases are blocked in chatrooms, and words when combined certain ways in a sentence may be blocked.

Around 200 million email messages and 15 million-20 million chats are carried out via Bloomberg terminals every day.

"Regulators are now trying to regulate something which has been around 10-15 years," Joe Rundle, head of trading at ETX Capital, pointed out.

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