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Here my questions is when someone enters a value in the textbox an event should be fired! i dont want to have an edit link or update link because all the values to be entered are mandatory! selectedindexchanged fires when the index of the selected row changes, which hasn't occurred in this instance.

i tried Grid_Selected Index Changed1 but this not firing.. if all you are doing is updating another UI element with the same text, then making a trip the server is overkill.

The idea is to only allow a command to be performed on specific people. I'd prefer a declarative solution to a procedural one. For me converting the commandfield to a templatefield control is not an option, as the commandfield comes with built-in functionality that I would otherwise have to create myself, for example the fact that it changes to "Update Cancel" when Edit is clicked, and that when Edit is clicked, all the cells in the row which are labels become textboxes, etc.

@clarifier Well, it's calling the code behind method every time. However you should pay attention to the implementation of the method. In my approach, you can leave the commandfield as is, then you can hide it as needed via code behind.

The On Row Command event fires (with a Command Name of "Update") but the On Row Updating event doesn't fire.

If the columns are all visible, the On Row Updating does fire.

I have an editable gridview using a standard Command Field to display edit, save, and cancel edit buttons.

If all columns are displayed, everything works great.

That being said, you would want to notate your markup accordingly so other developers know to be careful when making changes.Note that the Edit and Cancel Edit buttons and associated events work just fine regardless of whether or not columns are hidden. I think I can work around this by checking in the On Row Updating event to see if any of the columns are hidden, and if so manually call the On Row Updating event handler, but that seems like a serious hack. Additional Info and better work around: The "bug" described above occurs if I set the column's visible property to false in the initial page load.However, if i change the logic so that the column is hidden by setting the corresponding row cell's visible property to false in the On Row Created event, everything works as expected. Linq; public partial class gv Update Event : System. Please see this: View_Insert_Edit_Update_Superguppie. Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you. Page Two things mentioned: 1) Please remove the whole codes like this: protected override void On Init(Event Args e) 2) Then turn your Edit, Delete linkbuttons into Templatefields, or I'm afraid the event cannot be fired.

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