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We kept our word and invited her out for cocktails the following Friday night.

I had spent most of the day curled up in a ball on the couch, refusing food or drink. “You know you don’t have to have sex with her if you don’t want to, right?

How to have the special lady in your life begging you to add another girl to your nightly nuptials Do you know what’s hotter than watching a smoking hot blonde with cherry red lips, run her tongue up and down the delicate parts of her deliciously sexy new brunette best friend? Do you want fate to decide whether or not you wake up in the morning with the taste of that curvy Latina who’s been eyeing you from the bar all night and that sweet smell of the delicate and feminine Japanese beauty with the knee high socks, on your lips? So, without further ado, here are the seven steps you need to follow to have the crazy, magazine-worthy 3-somes that are normally reserved for rockstars and playboys. You do that by gradually coaxing more and more sordid and erotic details out of her.

Yes, you can just happen to find two hot girls who’re really into you and really into each other. But is this the kind of thing you really want to leave to chance? It all starts with one innocent question: “What kind of women do you like? Now that you’ve got her comfortable talking about the women she’s attracted to, does this mean you’re going to come home one day and find her spread-eagled, tied to your bed, with that hot friend you’ve always dreamed about in between her legs? Once she’s opened up about the fact that she’s as attracted to Jenny as much as John, it’s time to water that seed and watch her blossoming desire grow.

Below is a compilation of all the best free chat lines and party lines in the US and Canada.

But we were 27 and itching to do something crazy — something that would make the hurtle toward 30 feel less like a death march.Most of these party lines offer free trials so you can try them before you subscribe.Once you find the chatline you like, you'll want to buy minutes at a promotional rate for first time buyers.Because of that, it was difficult to even guess at how many swingers there were.Adult Swingers now, on the other hand, we can make fairly good estimates -- based on information coming from a variety of sources (including the Internet).

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